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New Zealand National Party v Eight Mile Style LLC - [2019] 2 NZLR 352


Court of Appeal Wellington
CA663/2017; [2018] NZCA 596
3 July; 18 December 2018
Cooper, Brown and Clifford JJ
Copyright — Damages — Nominal licence fee — “User principle” — New Zealand National Party used sound track with synchronisation licence in advertising — Track part of musical work — Baseline figure for damages to recognise use in New Zealand territory — Whether hypothetical bargain between willing licensor and willing licensee — Whether recognition of duration and extent of infringement — Whether political use objectively divisive — Whether additional damages warranted — Whether New Zealand National Party acted recklessly — Whether National Party acted cynically or attempted to portray implicit endorsement of artist — Copyright Act 1994, s 121.
Copyright — Additional damages — Recklessness — Copyright Act 1994, s 121.

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